Bedbugs are Literally Useless

Bedbugs are hot garbage and nobody needs them. Entomologists, whose whole job it is to study bugs, took one look at bedbugs and they were like, “Yeah, turns out nobody needs these.” The reason they feel this way is that bedbugs have become so uniquely suited to humans that they do not play a role in the greater ecosystem, and we have proof of this!

From the 1950s to the 1990s, thanks to constant vigilance and the truly horrifying chemical DDT, America just didn’t have any bedbugs. It wasn’t until world travel became more common in the 90s that a DDT-resistant version of bedbugs came crawling back to beds across America.

But the weirdest part of bedbugs being totally obsessed with us is just how old they are. Bedbugs arose around the time of the dinosaurs. They’re 115 million years old. For a while, they hung out with bats and they hung out with birds, but when humans came onto the scene, bed bugs saw their opportunity and they were like, “Awww, yes!”

And they basically just exited the ecosystem at large to stalk us.

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